photo by Jessica Comingore

Photo by Jessica Comingore via Presshaus LA.

Today we are so excited to introduce to you to Kristine Arellano of Presshaus LA! Kristine fell in love with letterpress in Germany and decided to bring it back with her to LA. We took a visit to her studio in Silver Lake and got to chat with her and see some of her very cool wedding projects! Below are some highlights from our day with Kristine!

Q: How did you get started in letter press?

 In 2011 my Husband and I moved to Germany. I have always loved paper goods so during my time in Munich, I found a master printer who taught me the artisan craft. It first started out with little projects, but before I knew it I was spending hours there. I just fell in love with it! I learned without any computers or plates. It was the analog way with only metal and wood and all in German!


Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany. Photo via Presshaus LA

Q: What is your printing style?

I have done a little bit of everything, but definitely like more minimalist style printing. I just love the way the letter press can just stand out and speak for itself.

Q: What kind of press do you use?

I have three machines, Vandercook 4T, a Vandercook SP-15 and a Challenge 15. These printing presses are from the 1950’s and each have their own quirks. Each sheet of paper is hand fed one by one. It takes a little longer but I enjoy the involvement that each print requires.



Photo via Presshaus LA



Q: What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I am really excited to be working on this African Safari wedding. Since the couple was asking for their guests to travel so far for their wedding day, they wanted everything to be very special. We designed everything from the website, the save the dates, wedding invitations, welcome notes and so much more. I am actually about to start printing their day of paper goods!

kylyandryan_presshausla (3 of 8).jpg

kylyandryan_presshausla (3 of 11).jpg

Photo via Presshaus LA




Q: Tell us about some of your other letter press invitations!

I just finished working on the wedding invitations for my clients who are getting married in Mexico. It is a combination of letterpress and dip dye. The pattern on the invitations was actually inspired by the tiles at the resort they are going to get married at. I think it really captures the beach vibe of the wedding!



A combination of letterpress and foil stamping:  b

A sample of a couple’s vows we letter pressed:


To see more or get in contact with Kristine please visit Presshausla