We are so excited to share with you these fabulous non-traditional black and white engagement photos from our Single Stone couple Matthias and Megan. This adorable and adventure seeking couple have been together for five years and intend to see all the modern wonders of the world together. To hear more about their love story and scroll through their amazing engagement shoot scroll below! 

Q:How did you and your fiancé meet?

We met at USF (University of San Francisco) when I was a sophomore and Matthias was a junior. Some may argue that we were children when we met…and they would be right; I was only 19! We had mutual friend groups and only knew of each other during those first couple of years of undergrad. Once upon a time Twitter was a hot social media platform that Matthias decided to use break the ice with me and responded to my tweet about watching the Wizard of Oz (because what else do you do when you watch the Wizard of Oz with your mother during the holiday season?) I quickly shut down his attempt to Twitter message me and sent him my phone number so he could text me like a normal person trying to get to know someone else. We officially went on our first “casual hangout date” a few weeks later when we were back on campus for second semester! We casually hung out for about a year and then realized that we may as well call each other what we were…a couple.

Q:How did you know he/she was the one?

He puts up with me! Just kidding (but he still does). This is a hard one because I feel like we’ve been together for so long that I don’t really think there was one moment that I realized he’d be my husband. Rather, there are so many things that more “solidified” that we were a perfect team that unfolded over these past 5 years. Matthias is whole heartedly passionate about music and technology (video games and the fact that we have a smart apartment and I have to talk to everything to turn things on) which counterbalances my love for fashion and constant travel planning. We love spending time together but we still have our independent lives and understand how important it is in our relationship. Obviously we mesh our lives together in almost every way at some point, but it’s good to know that I still have my girls and he still has his buddies and we can have so much fun without each other too (as long as we come home to each other at the end of it :))

Q:How did he propose?

We went up to the San Juan Islands in Washington state over labor day weekend 2016 to visit Matthias’ parents for the long weekend/RELAX. We always hike Mount Guemes which is more like a small mound (half a mile hike to the top) and woke up on Saturday morning to do so. We were supposed to have terrible rainy weather that weekend but the sun was shining which I thought worked in our favor because NOBODY was hiking the mountain (which was a rare occasion). Little did I know quite a few people on the island knew what was about to happen and refrained from going on that hike in the morning! We get to the top and as I was turned around trying to find the best place to take our picture that we always take, he pulled out the fabulous navy, Single Stone box. I naturally said yes after asking a few times “Are you sure? Like absolutely serious?” (It’s REALLY hard to surprise me, and he did)

Q:What was your first reaction when you saw your ring?

Matthias was a smart man and knew that he would need a little help in the ring department. Right after our trip to Peru last May, Matthias mentioned that I should probably find 4-5 rings that I would wear so that he had options when the time came. I quickly explained that we would be lucky if I found ONE ring that I would wear because I’m so particular. When we finally walked in to Single Stone and I had tried on the Colette in gold with an old European cut center stone. I quite literally could have tried on any other ring and wouldn’t have flinched. I understood that to find that exact stone in weight, color, clarity, etc. it could take a while if that exact ring was sold but the timeline we discussed allowed for more than enough time (I thought that later this year, in 2017, this would have been potentially happening). Fast forward to 2 short months after that day, almost to the day on September 3rd, I saw that ring again and was stunned. It now feels so at home on my left ring finger!

Q: Any other things you would like to share..

We are determined to see the whole world! Matthias grew up in London for 7 years (age 11-18) and thank goodness he got his citizenship! If there isn’t an international trip on the horizon we get (I get) pretty antsy and we’ve been fortunate enough to have been on an international trip every year since 2012. We’re trying to see all of the modern wonders of the world with other, off the beaten track places, in between. We are getting married on September 23rd in San Francisco so that our friends and family can experience our home base when we aren’t out of office. Next up on our travel list is Walla Walla, Washington for our minimoon, Whistler, Canada for a Christmas ski trip and Italy for the honeymoon in April 2018!









All Photos by Helena & Laurent photography