We have been looking forward to sharing with you these beautiful engagement photos from our Single Stone couple, Chelsea and Kyle. This adorable and adventure seeking couple are high school sweethearts. They have decided that after spending 15 years together, it was the perfect time to make it official and travel the world together! To hear more about their love story and see their beautiful wedding photos, scroll below!

Q:How did you and your fiancé meet?

Kyle and I met in middle school. I had the biggest crush on him, but we didn’t start dating until high school. 

Q:How did you know he/she was the one?

I guess as a super dramatic pre-teen, I knew he was “the one” the minute I laid eyes on him. HAHA. But over time, we became “each other’s person.” We went from being kids together to being adults. It blows my mind but at of our wedding, we had known each other half our lives. Watching him grow over all these years but never losing his kindness, playfulness and willingness to change his mind is what gives me hope that he will always be the one for me. 

Q:How did Kyle propose?

Getting married wasn’t something we both dreamed of. After 15 years together, we were happy with our lives and didn’t really see a reason to get married. To us marriage had always felt like a “supposed to” and we weren’t into that. We dealt with our families for years, asking “when are you two going to finally get married?” We would respond with, “never!” But January rolled around and we both needed something new and exciting. A year full of love and adventure, we decided. Let’s get married and travel the globe! 

Q:What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

We have so many favorite moments from our wedding. We had a very small intimate wedding of 18 people, which definitely caused some difficult conversations, but in the end was the right thing for us. Our close friend married us and his remarks were amazing, so funny and wonderfully personal. My baby sister, Kacy, took charge of the wedding planning with me and made sure the day was incredible. The friends who attended used their wonderful, artistic skills every chance they got to add more flair and love to all aspects of the day. Kyle’s cousin, Madi, is a tap dancer and she killed it on the dance floor to a Ciara song during the reception.  I think having an intimate wedding makes everyone feel special, you’re a part of something and you matter, you aren’t one in a sea of people. Kyle and I, whether together or separately got to have moments, real moments with everyone there. And we remember every single one of them!

Q: Any other things you would like to share..

Kyle wanted me to have a say in my ring, but he did actually pick out the one that is now my wedding ring. He took me to Single Stone to try it on and it was beyond perfect. I love antiques. I love the fact that something has a story and a life long before us. My ring is from around 1910 and the craftsmanship blows me away every time I look at it. Everyone at Single Stone was wonderful, especially Arielle. She was so genuinely excited for us and made us more excited about the entire thing. After my grandparents passed away, both their wedding rings were left to my sister. She so beautifully offered my grandfather’s ring to Kyle. He was thrilled! Single Stone lovingly resized it for us. They were kind and gracious throughout the whole process. We couldn’t have been happier to find them!





Photography: Hannah Kate Photography /  Ceremony and Reception Location: SummerWood Winery & Inn /   Tables and Linens: All About Events   /  Florals: Country Florist   / Brides Wedding Ring: Vintage from Single Stone