2017 Holiday Gift Guide

 We know finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a challenge so our little elves are here to help.  We have rounded up some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for everyone on list!

Shop our favorites below.


Snake Necklace $13,200

 Cobblestone Band $9,000

Cygalle Ring $11,400

Gabby Bracelet $24,000



Ophelia Pendant $8,000



Andie $17,000

Diamond Pillar Earrings $4,400

Anita Ko Gold Spike Necklace with Diamonds $1,540


Carolina Bucci Disco Ball Bracelet $1,055



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Custom Design 101

custom design

 Whether we are creating a one of a kind engagement ring, re-mounting an existing clients diamond, or re-purposing a family heirloom into something new and exciting, we take pleasure in working closely with our clients to create that perfect piece. We know custom design can seem like a daunting task, selecting the perfect stone to deciding on that most minute detail-  so we decided to go over some of the basic steps in our custom design process.  


step 1

Begin by setting up an in person or phone consultation to tell us what you are looking for.

Have an inspiration board on Pinterest or photos saved on your phone? Bring those in!

We have an extensive library of bespoke pieces we have created for previous clients and

encourage you to browse our Single Stone and vintage collection to gain inspiration

for your perfect ring.  

Have a project you would like help with?

Schedule an appointment with one of our designers here!


Once we know what your dream ring looks like, we can look at different stone options that fit

your taste and budget.  Whether you have your own family heirloom diamond or are looking for

a stone, we can guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond.


step 3

Once we have settled on a design, diamond, and metal color, we will go over the details to

ensure it is exactly what you are looking for. 

On approval of your design, we require full payment to start production for your ring. 



It’s time to begin working on your ring!

Our pieces can take anywhere between 4-10 weeks

depending on the complexity of the design.  

We will keep you updated on the design process and let you know

as soon as it is ready for pick up!   


Here is a look at just a few of the custom pieces and remounts we have done for our clients: 





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The Blk Tux Guide to Wedding Dress Codes



For most,dressing in a formal suite or tuxedo is not an everyday occurrence. Knowing how, what, and when to wear them can get very confusing. We spoke with the experts, AKA THE BLK TUX, to break down the different dress codes for you.

Before anxiety kicks in, remember that your guests will probably be more concerned with what they’re wearing than what you’re wearing. Just focus on choosing the right dress code for the vibe of your wedding. Knowing the location, ceremony time and overall scope of the wedding will help you determine which one is best suited for the big day. 

Below you’ll find THE BLK TUX’s simple formality scale to help you quickly find the perfect dress code.

The spectrum runs from the informal (1) to the very formal (5).

No matter what you choose, the Blk Tux has you covered!

CASUAL – 1  2   3   4  5  –  FORMAL


White bow tie
White waistcoat
White wing-tip tuxedo shirt
Button studs and cufflinks
Tailcoat with black pleated tuxedo pants
White tie is reserved for diplomatic galas, extremely formal ceremonies, and royal weddings. It is the most strict of dress codes, so make sure to stick to the list above. The “waistcoat” and “tailcoat” are mysteries to most. A waistcoat is essentially a vest with lapels. A tailcoat is a short jacket with peak lapels and long tails, designed to be left open. Proportions are everything, so you’ll need high-waisted pants so the waistcoat covers your pant waist without dropping below the short front of the tailcoat. 
White tuxedo shirt
Button studs and cufflinks
White pocket square
Black tie is a common dress code for formal weddings, company awards nights, charity events, or formal holiday parties. Black tie is nearly as strict as white tie, in that visual personality is not encouraged. You do get to select from two lapel styles and two tuxedo colors. You can also wear a more contemporary tuxedo shirt with a fold-down collar. If you need suspenders, match them to your tuxedo. A low-cut vest—matched to your tuxedo—or a black cummerbund is also optional.

Button studs and cufflinks
White pocket square
Black patent leather shoes and black socks
One interesting thing
The Oscars, the Emmys, and especially the Tonys, are a great place to find examples of creative black tie. Largely created by “the industry” in the ’90s, this code allows for individuality while observing most of the black tie code. Have fun choosing your jacket, shoes, tie, pocket square, or shirt, but deviate from the traditional in only one category.
Black-tie optional is on the very edge of high formality. This dress code is considerate and inclusive of guests who may not own a tuxedo. If possible, guests wear a tuxedo and follow the black tie rules. Next best thing? A dark suit with black leather dress shoes, a solid necktie or bow tie, and a white dress shirt. This combination also works well as business formal, sometimes simply called “business.” Skip the belt and wear cufflinks to elevate your look.
White, blue or pink dress shirt
Navy, blue, brown, gray or charcoal suit
Black or brown dress shoes
Black or brown dress socks
Cocktail attire or business casual require a formal suit, though none require a tuxedo. Take liberties with your suit color—navy, blue, brown, gray, or charcoal—and you may now wear notch lapels. Brown shoes are also on the menu, and they don’t necessarily need to be high-polished. Shirt options now include pastel blue and pink. Also fair game: neck ties and bow ties with subtle patterns, lapel pins, patterned pocket squares, and tie bars.
Collared dress shirt
Dress pants or chinos
Dress shoes with interesting socks

As with all dress codes, err on the side of formality: no polo shirts, denim, shorts, or sandals.

A patterned jacket with contrasting dress pants or chinos, or patterned pants with a solid contrast blazer work well. Or try a patterned dress shirt without a tie with a matching suit. In this case, an interesting pair of socks— or no socks at all—would be a great way to display personality without going overboard. Ties are optional.

*Photos and details all provided via The Grooms Guide by The Blk Tux
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2016 Holiday Gift Guide


 We know finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a challenge so our little elves are here to help.  We have rounded up some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for everyone on list!

Shop our favorites below:


Milo Necklace with Diamonds $2,800


Amber Earrings $1,500



Small Gabby Rose Cut Band $3,600



Jolie Ring $13,000



The Sport Bracelet $3,200


Iris Earrings $1,200



Swallow Pendant $3,850


Milo Ring $1,900


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