Washington D.C. City Guide

Washington DC is the next stop on our list of trunk shows and we couldn’t be more excited! Whether you are a history buff, enjoy fabulous food and sweet treats or love to take in the beauty of Washington DC by boat on the Potomac River, the city has something for you. Our friends at I. Gorman have encapsulated the best facets of our nations capital – keep reading to uncover why DC is the perfect place for your next vacation.

Don’t forget to join us September 15-16th for our annual Trunk Show, we can’t wait to see you there!

Best place to stay?

The Graham Hotel is an uber-chic boutique hotel located in the heart of Georgetown.  They have sleek, modern rooms and an incredible rooftop bar that has plush seating with sweeping views of The Kennedy Center, Washington Monument and The Watergate.

THE GRAHAM HOTEL | 1075 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

Favorite shopping destination and why?

Other than I. Gorman? 😉 Union Market, hands down awesome wares from local “Makers,” an incredible, vibrant atmosphere, an ever-rotating collection of pop-up shops, and a huge selection of food to select from while shopping.

UNION MARKET | 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Favorite restaurant and what’s the best thing on the menu?

The D.C. restaurant scene has really hit its stride in recent years, so it’s tough to choose just one place and dish. One of the favorites of most of our staff is Le Diplomate. For brunch or dinner, it’s a perfect spot to stop and imagine you’re at a cute bistro in France for an hour or two.  Their house made bread is one of the best in DC and not to be missed before a great meal.


LE DIPLOMATE | 1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Favorite local dessert spot?

DC is known for being home to a great number of cupcake shops, but the absolute best is Baked and Wired. The cupcakes are not to be missed, but there are a host of other goodies, like cookies, pies, and bars, which are all divine. Also, after grabbing a few options from the “baked” section, the café side of the shop has a great selection of beverages, to get you “wired.”

BAKED AND WIRED | 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Must see destinations while you are visiting?

All of the free monuments, museums, and happenings going on in and around the Mall area. From the jewelry collections, including the Hope Diamond, at the National Museum of Natural History, to the cherry blossoms blooming along the Tidal Basin, you could spend days exploring the area.

JEFFERSON MONUMENT | W Potomac Park, Washington, DC

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY | 1300 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560

Best way to spend “Family Day”?

Start the day with a morning walk on Theodore Roosevelt Island, which is a hidden gem located directly across the Potomac River from Georgetown.  It’s a great way to see unique views of the city in an off the beaten path spot.  After a morning walk, head across the river to the Georgetown Waterfront for lunch on the Potomac. Incredible water views and you might even see the Presidential helicopter fly over the river to the White House!  Finish the day off with an evening baseball game at Nationals Park, located in an up and coming DC neighborhood with great views of the Anacostia River.

GEORGETOWN WATERFRONT | 3000 K St Nw, By The Potomac River, Washington, DC 20007

NATIONALS PARK | 1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Best kept DC secret (that you’re willing to share)

My absolute favorite hidden gem is a smaller scale reproduction of Rome’s Spanish Steps, which are tucked away in the Kalorama neighborhood. There’s no more beautiful place to read a book during the day or stop by for a romantic moment at the end of a date night.

KALORAMA SPANISH STEPS | S St & 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20008

Comment below if you have been to Washington DC and have some recommendations of places we need to check out, we would love to hear from you!

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Charleston City Guide

Whether you are going for vacation or a weekend getaway, Charleston has become a popular destination that is definitely at the top of our travel list.  From it’s historic charm, the booming dining scene, and must visit shopping destinations, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Our trunk show is just a few weeks away, so we asked our friends at Croghan’s Jewel box for their can’t-miss spots that make the Lowcountry the perfect place for a visit!

Scroll below to see their recommendations and don’t forget to join us September 8-9th for our annual Trunk Show!

Best places to stay?

Zero George, Dewberry Hotel and Rutledge House Inn. Zero George, as pictured below, is a collection of five restored historic residences and carriage houses overlooking a magical private courtyard making the boutique hotel the ideal ground zero for exploring Charleston’s allure.

ZERO GEORGE | 0 George Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Favorite shopping destination and why?

King Street! We love the wonderful local shops and beauty of the facades.

Favorite local shops?

For Women: Hampden Clothing, Berlins, Hidden Countship, Beckett Boutique, Ibu Movement, Finicky Filly, Shoes on King and RTW.

For Men: Dumas, Grady Ervin and Jordan Lash.

HAMPDEN CLOTHING | 314 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

FINICKY FILLY | 303 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Favorite restaurant(s) and what’s the best thing on the menu?

That’s so hard because we are fortunate enough to have amazing restaurants in Charleston but if I had to pick, FIG– the gnocchi appetizer!

Also honorable mention goes to, the Warm cauliflower Sformarino with soft farm egg appetizer at Luca; The Soufflé of the day at High Cotton; Soft shell crab (in season) or roasted corn pizza with fresh mint, basil and taleggio cheese at Indaco.

FIG | 232 Meeting St., Charleston, SC 29401

INDACO | 526 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Favorite local dessert spot?

Sugar Bakeshop

SUGAR BAKESHOP | 59 1/2 Canon Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Best way to spend “Family Day”?

On the water! The Lowcountry is so beautiful in every season and we love taking it in by boat.

Must see destinations while you are visting?

The Gibbes Museum, The Nathaniel Russell House, Rainbow Row, the Battery, Middleton Plantation and Drayton Hall.

DRAYTON HALL | 3380 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414

RAINBOW ROW | 83 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401

Best kept Charleston secret (that you’re willing to share)

Our little alleyways and paths through gardens. We love the one that connects King Street to Archdale Street. We like to start on the King Street side, wander through the garden to the graveyard and end up near Charleston Day School. Zig Zag alley, Philadelphia Alley near queen street, Longitude Lane, and Stolls alley are also lovely alleyways to wander through.


Comment below if you have been to Charleston and have some recommendations of places we need to check out, we would love to hear from you!

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Custom Design 101

custom design

 Whether we are creating a one of a kind engagement ring, re-mounting an existing clients diamond, or re-purposing a family heirloom into something new and exciting, we take pleasure in working closely with our clients to create that perfect piece. We know custom design can seem like a daunting task, selecting the perfect stone to deciding on that most minute detail-  so we decided to go over some of the basic steps in our custom design process.  


step 1

Begin by setting up an in person or phone consultation to tell us what you are looking for.

Have an inspiration board on Pinterest or photos saved on your phone? Bring those in!

We have an extensive library of bespoke pieces we have created for previous clients and

encourage you to browse our Single Stone and vintage collection to gain inspiration

for your perfect ring.  

Have a project you would like help with?

Schedule an appointment with one of our designers here!


Once we know what your dream ring looks like, we can look at different stone options that fit

your taste and budget.  Whether you have your own family heirloom diamond or are looking for

a stone, we can guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond.


step 3

Once we have settled on a design, diamond, and metal color, we will go over the details to

ensure it is exactly what you are looking for. 

On approval of your design, we require full payment to start production for your ring. 



It’s time to begin working on your ring!

Our pieces can take anywhere between 4-10 weeks

depending on the complexity of the design.  

We will keep you updated on the design process and let you know

as soon as it is ready for pick up!   


Here is a look at just a few of the custom pieces and remounts we have done for our clients: 





3   372169-fb44fc7e24b3c90357b42dd965b24fde


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Couple Spotlight- Matthias and Megan



We are so excited to share with you these fabulous non-traditional black and white engagement photos from our Single Stone couple Matthias and Megan. This adorable and adventure seeking couple have been together for five years and intend to see all the modern wonders of the world together. To hear more about their love story and scroll through their amazing engagement shoot scroll below! 

Q:How did you and your fiancé meet?

We met at USF (University of San Francisco) when I was a sophomore and Matthias was a junior. Some may argue that we were children when we met…and they would be right; I was only 19! We had mutual friend groups and only knew of each other during those first couple of years of undergrad. Once upon a time Twitter was a hot social media platform that Matthias decided to use break the ice with me and responded to my tweet about watching the Wizard of Oz (because what else do you do when you watch the Wizard of Oz with your mother during the holiday season?) I quickly shut down his attempt to Twitter message me and sent him my phone number so he could text me like a normal person trying to get to know someone else. We officially went on our first “casual hangout date” a few weeks later when we were back on campus for second semester! We casually hung out for about a year and then realized that we may as well call each other what we were…a couple.

Q:How did you know he/she was the one?

He puts up with me! Just kidding (but he still does). This is a hard one because I feel like we’ve been together for so long that I don’t really think there was one moment that I realized he’d be my husband. Rather, there are so many things that more “solidified” that we were a perfect team that unfolded over these past 5 years. Matthias is whole heartedly passionate about music and technology (video games and the fact that we have a smart apartment and I have to talk to everything to turn things on) which counterbalances my love for fashion and constant travel planning. We love spending time together but we still have our independent lives and understand how important it is in our relationship. Obviously we mesh our lives together in almost every way at some point, but it’s good to know that I still have my girls and he still has his buddies and we can have so much fun without each other too (as long as we come home to each other at the end of it :))

Q:How did he propose?

We went up to the San Juan Islands in Washington state over labor day weekend 2016 to visit Matthias’ parents for the long weekend/RELAX. We always hike Mount Guemes which is more like a small mound (half a mile hike to the top) and woke up on Saturday morning to do so. We were supposed to have terrible rainy weather that weekend but the sun was shining which I thought worked in our favor because NOBODY was hiking the mountain (which was a rare occasion). Little did I know quite a few people on the island knew what was about to happen and refrained from going on that hike in the morning! We get to the top and as I was turned around trying to find the best place to take our picture that we always take, he pulled out the fabulous navy, Single Stone box. I naturally said yes after asking a few times “Are you sure? Like absolutely serious?” (It’s REALLY hard to surprise me, and he did)

Q:What was your first reaction when you saw your ring?

Matthias was a smart man and knew that he would need a little help in the ring department. Right after our trip to Peru last May, Matthias mentioned that I should probably find 4-5 rings that I would wear so that he had options when the time came. I quickly explained that we would be lucky if I found ONE ring that I would wear because I’m so particular. When we finally walked in to Single Stone and I had tried on the Colette in gold with an old European cut center stone. I quite literally could have tried on any other ring and wouldn’t have flinched. I understood that to find that exact stone in weight, color, clarity, etc. it could take a while if that exact ring was sold but the timeline we discussed allowed for more than enough time (I thought that later this year, in 2017, this would have been potentially happening). Fast forward to 2 short months after that day, almost to the day on September 3rd, I saw that ring again and was stunned. It now feels so at home on my left ring finger!

Q: Any other things you would like to share..

We are determined to see the whole world! Matthias grew up in London for 7 years (age 11-18) and thank goodness he got his citizenship! If there isn’t an international trip on the horizon we get (I get) pretty antsy and we’ve been fortunate enough to have been on an international trip every year since 2012. We’re trying to see all of the modern wonders of the world with other, off the beaten track places, in between. We are getting married on September 23rd in San Francisco so that our friends and family can experience our home base when we aren’t out of office. Next up on our travel list is Walla Walla, Washington for our minimoon, Whistler, Canada for a Christmas ski trip and Italy for the honeymoon in April 2018!









All Photos by Helena & Laurent photography 

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The Blk Tux Guide to Wedding Dress Codes



For most,dressing in a formal suite or tuxedo is not an everyday occurrence. Knowing how, what, and when to wear them can get very confusing. We spoke with the experts, AKA THE BLK TUX, to break down the different dress codes for you.

Before anxiety kicks in, remember that your guests will probably be more concerned with what they’re wearing than what you’re wearing. Just focus on choosing the right dress code for the vibe of your wedding. Knowing the location, ceremony time and overall scope of the wedding will help you determine which one is best suited for the big day. 

Below you’ll find THE BLK TUX’s simple formality scale to help you quickly find the perfect dress code.

The spectrum runs from the informal (1) to the very formal (5).

No matter what you choose, the Blk Tux has you covered!

CASUAL – 1  2   3   4  5  –  FORMAL


White bow tie
White waistcoat
White wing-tip tuxedo shirt
Button studs and cufflinks
Tailcoat with black pleated tuxedo pants
White tie is reserved for diplomatic galas, extremely formal ceremonies, and royal weddings. It is the most strict of dress codes, so make sure to stick to the list above. The “waistcoat” and “tailcoat” are mysteries to most. A waistcoat is essentially a vest with lapels. A tailcoat is a short jacket with peak lapels and long tails, designed to be left open. Proportions are everything, so you’ll need high-waisted pants so the waistcoat covers your pant waist without dropping below the short front of the tailcoat. 
White tuxedo shirt
Button studs and cufflinks
White pocket square
Black tie is a common dress code for formal weddings, company awards nights, charity events, or formal holiday parties. Black tie is nearly as strict as white tie, in that visual personality is not encouraged. You do get to select from two lapel styles and two tuxedo colors. You can also wear a more contemporary tuxedo shirt with a fold-down collar. If you need suspenders, match them to your tuxedo. A low-cut vest—matched to your tuxedo—or a black cummerbund is also optional.

Button studs and cufflinks
White pocket square
Black patent leather shoes and black socks
One interesting thing
The Oscars, the Emmys, and especially the Tonys, are a great place to find examples of creative black tie. Largely created by “the industry” in the ’90s, this code allows for individuality while observing most of the black tie code. Have fun choosing your jacket, shoes, tie, pocket square, or shirt, but deviate from the traditional in only one category.
Black-tie optional is on the very edge of high formality. This dress code is considerate and inclusive of guests who may not own a tuxedo. If possible, guests wear a tuxedo and follow the black tie rules. Next best thing? A dark suit with black leather dress shoes, a solid necktie or bow tie, and a white dress shirt. This combination also works well as business formal, sometimes simply called “business.” Skip the belt and wear cufflinks to elevate your look.
White, blue or pink dress shirt
Navy, blue, brown, gray or charcoal suit
Black or brown dress shoes
Black or brown dress socks
Cocktail attire or business casual require a formal suit, though none require a tuxedo. Take liberties with your suit color—navy, blue, brown, gray, or charcoal—and you may now wear notch lapels. Brown shoes are also on the menu, and they don’t necessarily need to be high-polished. Shirt options now include pastel blue and pink. Also fair game: neck ties and bow ties with subtle patterns, lapel pins, patterned pocket squares, and tie bars.
Collared dress shirt
Dress pants or chinos
Dress shoes with interesting socks

As with all dress codes, err on the side of formality: no polo shirts, denim, shorts, or sandals.

A patterned jacket with contrasting dress pants or chinos, or patterned pants with a solid contrast blazer work well. Or try a patterned dress shirt without a tie with a matching suit. In this case, an interesting pair of socks— or no socks at all—would be a great way to display personality without going overboard. Ties are optional.

*Photos and details all provided via The Grooms Guide by The Blk Tux
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Couple Spotlight- Frank and Ashton



One of our favorite things to celebrate with our clients are their love stories! Today we are sharing the romantic love story of Frank and Ashton.

Q: How did you meet?

Frank grew up in a military family and moved around frequently. When his Dad retired from the Marines, his family settled in a small town in Virginia, where my family lived. Frank’s little sister and my little sister met not long after his family moved to our small town when they were on the same recreational soccer team. Through weekly soccer practices and games, our sisters immediately became best friends. Frank’s sister, my sister, and I had many sleep overs together as kids and generally did everything together until she moved away to live with her mom in PA. Oh the stories we have from fishing, to dress up, swimming in ponds, and so on.

Frank was always around, but we didn’t do much with him, as he was several years older. He was just that “big brother” that the girls didn’t really care about – he did his own thing, and we did ours. Frank and I continued to grow up alongside each other; we eventually attended the same high school, but we were merely acquaintances. We lost touch when Frank left for college.

Q: How did you know he/she was the one?

On August 31, 2014 things changed – that’s when Frank, out of the blue, reached out to me to see how I was. We nonchalantly chatted here and there and eventually, Frank mentioned we should get coffee and catch up. I was not amused, and in fact, quite against it all. I really wasn’t interested in a relationship with him at the time, and I had a feeling that’s what his intentions were. But I continued to talk to him! We talked, and we talked, and eventually I found myself driving to two hours to see Frank for the first time in years. 

Through so much conversation, I already had a feeling that he was the one. That was quickly confirmed for both of us after spending our first weekend together. Frank and I dated long distance for not quite a year while I finished my master’s degree and he continued working as a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy. When Frank received orders to Millington, TN we knew that our only option was for me to move with him. So I did. 

Q: How did Frank Propose?

In December 2015 Frank and I traveled from Tennessee, where we currently live, to Virginia to spend the holidays with our family. Christmas Day we were at his Dad’s house and I accidentally found my engagement ring in his suitcase. We were headed to my mom’s for dinner when I told Frank I didn’t approve of the shirt he was wearing. In typical Frank fashion, he said “Fine, go get something you like!”. So I hurried up the stairs to his bedroom, opened his suitcase, pulled out a shirt, and BAM! there was a ring box.

I paused…do I open it and look or not? You better believe I opened it!

I rushed back downstairs, gave Frank his shirt, and off we went to my mom’s house for dinner. The entire time in the back of my head I was thinking, “Do I say something?!” The evening went on, we ate dinner, and I didn’t say a word…not until after dessert when we were all relaxing in the family room when I casually mentioned to Frank, “Hey, we need to talk. I found the ring in your suitcase.” Frank was not happy.
A few days later Frank and I traveled to Pennsylvania to visit his mom, sister, step dad, and step brother. That was the quietest road trip of my life. Frank still wasn’t happy – I mean, I just found my engagement ring! The ring you’re supposed to SURPRISE your girlfriend with. Of course he was upset. However, once we were there, Frank could not wait to show the ring to his mom and sister. Let’s just say I’ve been wearing it ever since his mom said “Honey, you better put that on and never take it off! It’s a lot safer on your finger than in his suitcase!”

Frank and I eloped March 22, 2016 in a private ceremony. We just couldn’t wait to get married! We are currently preparing for an exchanging of vows and wedding celebration in June on my family’s farm in Virginia. Family and friends are extremely important to us and we are so excited to share this special moment with those we love most. It isn’t often that we can all be together. 






Photos courtesy of Nikki Santerre Photography

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Couple Spotlight- Ingrid and Jason



Q: How did you meet?

Jason and I were introduced by a dear friend during a University of Minnesota Homecoming football game in 2013. Little did we know, that dear friend had a knack for matchmaking! It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and I decided the Library Bar was the perfect (dry) place to enjoy the game. I ran into all kinds of old friends at “The Library”, including a sorority sister who I hadn’t seen in years. After catching up and learning I was single, she told me she had the PERFECT guy I just HAD to meet. Meanwhile, Jason had braved the weather and was at the stadium. This friend had been texting him saying that she had the PERFECT girl he just HAD to meet! Before I knew it, Jason showed up at the bar and we hit it off right away. We had our first date the following week and the rest is history!

Q:How did you know he/she was the one?

I knew Jason was the one about 2 months after we started dating. He found out he was being relocated from Minneapolis to Cincinnati for work and it made things between us get serious very fast. We made long distance love work for just over 2 years, and truthfully, it brought us closer than we could have imagined! We made seeing each other a priority during that time and racked up a lot of Delta SkyMiles doing so 🙂


 Q:How did he propose?

Jason’s proposal was perfectly us.  It happened as we were finishing up one of our favorite things to do as a couple – cooking dinner together. We were almost done with the dishes when Jason slipped away and grabbed the ring. He came up behind me and said “Sweetheart, turn around, I have a surprise for you!” When I turned around he was down on one knee with a stunning Single Stone ring I had just so subtly hinted I wanted, and I was so excited I couldn’t even get a “Yes!” out. We spent the night together, just the two of us, and told our families and friends the next day. It was simple and perfect.


Q: What was your wedding like?

When we began wedding planning, Jason and I knew we wanted three things: to be on the water, to honor our strong family ties, and to host a mini getaway for our guests. Bayfield, Wisconsin was the perfect match in our search for a location: my parents were married there nearly 30 years ago, you can’t get closer to Lake Superior, and it’s the perfect destination for a celebration. The meaning of the place and the view from our venue steered a lot of the creative vision for the wedding overall. I loved the idea of simple and timeless with meaningful touches throughout. I made our escort cards out of stones from Lake Superior while spectacular vistas of the lake and the Apostle Islands served as our backdrop for the whole wedding. We tied Bayfield into our invitation suite by using vintage maps of Lake Superior as our envelope liners, and we sent our guests home with blueberry jam favors from a local orchard. We danced the night away with family and friends in a clear tent under the stars.

Q:What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

 We both agree that our favorite moment from the wedding was seeing each other for the first time. We planned our first look to be in the woods on the shore of Lake Superior. The weather was absolutely flawless, and any nerves either of us had were completely calmed at that moment. It truly felt like nothing else mattered at that point in time.
























Photography: Jeff Loves Jessica /  Videography: SkyFocus Films /  Venue: Apostle Highlands Golf Course / Event Coordination: Lace and Brass / Makeup: Tina Beaupre / Hair:  Ayla Dougherty / Bridal Gown: Pronovias/  Bridesmaids’ dresses : Wtoo / Bride’s engagement ring and band: Single Stone  / Groom’s Attire: Menguin / Florals: Saffron & Grey / Catering: Good Thyme Catering  / Rentals: Apres Party & Tent /  Band: Bluewater Kings Band


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2016 Holiday Gift Guide


 We know finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a challenge so our little elves are here to help.  We have rounded up some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for everyone on list!

Shop our favorites below:


Milo Necklace with Diamonds $2,800


Amber Earrings $1,500



Small Gabby Rose Cut Band $3,600



Jolie Ring $13,000



The Sport Bracelet $3,200


Iris Earrings $1,200



Swallow Pendant $3,850


Milo Ring $1,900


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Autumn Harvest Editorial





2   img_6204



3   img_6181



Photography: Tyler Branch / Venue Name: Oak Canyon Ranch, Los Angeles, California, USA / Event design: The Blushing Bird / Planning: Laurel and Fey / Florals: Revel Petals / Wedding Dress: Tatyana Merenyuk / Hairpiece: Melinda Rose Design / Bride’s shoes: Harriet Wilde Peony Gold / Rings: Single Stone / Hair and Makeup: Amber Rose / Groom attire: Heart and Dagger for ASOS / Paper goods: Heirloom Paper Co. / Cake: Frost it Cakery // Tabletop rentals: Borrowed Blu / Furniture rentals: Premiere Party Rents / Models: Merissa Underwood and Wesley Kemp

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Retailer Spotlight: Greenwich St. Jewelers



Today we are excited to introduce you our retailer in New York City, Greenwich St. Jewelers!

In a city full of big-name jewelry brands, it’s natural to yearn for a more intimate, personal experience when selecting jewelry. That is what sisters Jennifer and Christina Gandia decided to do when they took over the family jewelry business more than a decade ago.

Started by their parents in 1976 in lower Manhattan, Greenwich St. Jewelers had long offered exceptional service and an unusual level of onsite expertise. But the sisters’ dream of adding a broad range of services and a fashionable, curated selection of jewelry was visionary.

Today, Greenwich St. Jewelers presents a carefully chosen assortment of styles from sought-after and emerging designers, exquisite custom design work, and an extensive selection of engagement and wedding rings. All of this, in a boutique setting in the downtown Manhattan.

Greenwich St. Jewelers will be hosting our annual trunk show November 4-6 ! Join us to meet the designer and see the latest pieces in our collection. We look forward to seeing you all there!



29376430534_76c8fdf8a6_bImage via Gem Gossip


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